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Data refresh error - files checked out
Hi, Our scheduled data refresh jobs stops working sometimes and the files remains checked out to the account that runs our jobs. Error message in the history for the file when translated: Failed. Cannot process the file PowerPivot-library/..... Logs ... 더 보기
PowerPivot crashing Excel - sometimes with error message “R6025 – Pure virtual function call”
I have a dataset with a 5 million rows, and in one column - call it "ColumnX" there are one million entries and the rest of the values are null.  A simple reference to this column in another column, call it "CalcColumn1", such as =[ColumnX] causes E... 더 보기
PowerPivot report performance problem on Sharepoint
Hi everybody, I have created a PowerPivot report based on SQL Server tables. When I use this report on my computer the response time are really good. I get data from two different table which are linked by an integer key in my model. It means that i... 더 보기

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