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PowerPivot SSAS instance on a Sharepoint server
Hi everybody, I work on a Sharepoint 2010 server which hosts a SSAS PowerPivot instance. I've just connected to this instance with Management Studio and I'm surprised by the number of databases I can see. It seems that one database is created at eac... 더 보기
Non-scheduled reports are trying to be refreshed
When I look in the PowerPivot Management Dashboard I can see that I get errors in the "Data Refresh - Recent Activity" section for old reports that hasn't been scheduled for a year. I tried to enable one report and then disable it, but I still get th... 더 보기
effect of slicing un related table on facts
Hi eb Unlike traditional multi dimensional olap i see that slicing a table that is not connected to facts in a pivot report does not empty that fatcs measures. So no need to worry about this situation unless i do want this kind of behavior... So if i... 더 보기

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