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PowerPivot fixed value in hierarchy
Hi I have a data stored in structure as  Country | State | Value | Target C1   |   s1   |     20    |    25 C1   |   S2   |     40   |  40 C1     | C1   |  60(S1+s2) |    60 (C1 own target) Business rule 1) states have value and target. 2) States... 더 보기
In popwer Pivot, after Success message in Table Import Wizard NO data will be populated for SOME users (same machine)
We were having an issue with most of our users from different part of our company using power pivot to get to our data.  Everyone has the same right into our cubes and tables.  Some users were able to access data and some are not.  It is a mix and t... 더 보기
How I can change a power pivot without change the power charts that are suing that power pivot as source?
Hi All My issues using an Example,  I've a power pivot with 3 related tables, (two dimension tables and one measure table), then I created a pivot chart using that 3 tables as source...  The pivot chart is a little complex... it takes some time to... 더 보기

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