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IF function
Helo, Im having troubles to do this =IF(table1[MAXdate]>=table2[date], IF(table2[date]>=table1[MINdate]),SUM(table2[amount])) Table 1 Item Items Bought Max Date Min Date Computers   22/12/2014 01/12/2014 Blenders   22/12/2014 01/12/2014 Ta... 더 보기
Function to count rows
Hello, Im trying to count the amount of items in a column for an specific ID. For example how many items belong to the ID='food' in the column. I have the table ID and a table items so im trying to count how many items per ID i have. I was trying the... 더 보기
How to get a date from existing records as a calculted column
Hi All, I have data as shown below inside my cube.    Blue colour columns are actual columns of the database and Gray colour column is what I need to achieve. My requirement is like this: Need to group on No (e.g. 1/2014), then check for OutCome='AAA... 더 보기

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