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Default Database Jobs

MOM provides default SQL jobs in the MOM database.

Table 4.6 Default Database Jobs

Grooming Job


MOMX Partitioning And Grooming

Scheduled to run daily at 12 A.M. This job updates the partitioning information and grooms appropriate partitions.

OnePoint-Check Integrity

Scheduled to run once per week, on Saturday at 10 P.M. This job validates the integrity of everything in the MOM database. For example, it checks that the index and data pages are correctly linked and that indexes are in their proper sort order.

OnePoint-Computer Maintenance

Scheduled to run every five minutes. This job checks for computers that should come out of maintenance mode.


Scheduled to run once per week, on Sunday at 3 A.M. This job rebuilds the MOM table indexes to improve performance. The OnePoint-Reindex job requires approximately 40 percent of free space within the database to successfully complete. For example, a 10-GB database needs 14 GB of database space to successfully rebuild the indexes. If the jobs fail due to a lack of disk space, the failure will not adversely affect your MOM implementation.


Scheduled to run every five minutes. This job updates the OnePoint Operations Manager Today window.


Scheduled to run every 30 minutes. This job updates the OnePoint Operations Manager Today window.


Scheduled to run every hour. This job updates the performance, rules and Management Pack knowledgebase.

OnePoint-Update Database

Scheduled to run every hour. This job grooms automatically resolved alerts based on the information specified in the Global Settings dialog box.

OnePoint-Update Statistics

Scheduled to run once per day at 1 A.M. This job updates information about key value distribution in the database to improve performance.

Emergency Grooming

If you have run into a situation where you have to quickly free up some space on your OnePoint database, it is recommended that you manually run the grooming job. If you find that this occurs frequently, change the data retention time to groom the data more frequently.

To manually run the MOM 2005 grooming job

  1. Log on, with a Windows 2000 Administrator account, to the computer on which you installed the database.

  2. From the Microsoft SQL Server folder, open Enterprise Manager.

  3. Expand SQL Server Group, and then expand the server that contains the MOM database.

  4. Expand Management, and then expand SQL Server Agent.

  5. In the left pane, click Jobs.

  6. In the right pane, right-click the MOMX Partitioning and Grooming job, and then select Start Job.

  7. Validate that the job was successful in the Last Run Status (Start Date) column.

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