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Troubleshooting Library Management Issues

This topic provides guidance for troubleshooting issues that may occur when you are managing System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) library resources. The precise wording of an error message that you observe may differ from this catalog if your VMM installation has been updated with any hotfixes or service packs.

Some error messages contain placeholder text, such as <specified server>. The placeholder text indicates a value that VMM provides in the actual error message.

VMM Library Management Issues

Issue Possible cause Solution

Creating a virtual machine in the library, storing a virtual machine to the library, and selecting a self-service policy store to library path are all blocked through the VMM Administrator Console.

The current VMM Administrator Console user does not have Read permissions on the library share.

Give the VMM administrator Read permissions on the library share, or use the command line.

Removing a virtual machine in the library that shares a resource with another virtual machine does not remove the resource.

When a virtual machine is removed from the library that has a shared resource file with another virtual machine (a .vhd for example), no warning is given in that the shared resource will remain in the library. This is so that the other virtual machine has continued use of the resource.

Do not manually delete resources from a library share unless you are sure they are not in use by any virtual machine, including stored virtual machines.

Refreshing the library share fails with error 2912: "An internal error has occurred trying to contact an agent on the <computer name> server."

  1. The version of WinRM supported by VMM is not installed.
  2. A folder in the share has an apostrophe (') in the folder name.
  1. Ensure the host agent is installed and running. If the host agent is running, restart the agent, and verify that WinRM is installed correctly.
  2. Install the supported version of WinRM available at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=84599.
  3. Ensure that there are no folders in the share that contain an apostrophe (') in the folder name.

Cannot view a script file (for example, sysprep.inf) to the library in the VMM Administrator Console.

Script files that are added to a library share do not appear in the library until after the next scheduled refresh.

To make any resource (such as a script file) appear immediately after it is added to a library share, in the VMM Administrator Console, click the library share, and the click the Refresh share action.

Create template from a domain-joined virtual machine fails during sysprep with error 680: "Timeout occurred while waiting for Sysprep to finish processing on the virtual machine."

Domain group policy disallows blank passwords.

Remove the virtual machine from the domain, and try the operation again.

A virtual machine that is stored on a SAN is not recognized by VMM as being deployable by SAN transfer.

  1. The virtual machine was stored directly to the library when it was created.
  2. The virtual machine was added to the library during a library refresh.

Deploy the virtual machine to a host by using a local area network (LAN) transfer, and then store the virtual machine in the same VMM library, library share, and logical unit number (LUN).

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