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Compliance Solution Accelerators

These free resources will help your organization reduce the risks and associated costs of meeting IT governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) objectives by automating the configuration, monitoring, and validation of Microsoft products.

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These IT GRC solutions, together with System Center Service Manager, provide a customizable, extensible platform that enables organizations to implement additional IT GRC capabilities. Learn more.

New! Data Classification Toolkit for Windows Server 2012 now available for download! Strengthen your compliance experience with new features from the Data Classification Toolkit.

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The IT Compliance Management Series will help you configure Microsoft products to address specific IT GRC requirements.

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The IT GRC Process Management Pack SP1 for System Center Service Manager provides end-to-end compliance management and automation for desktop and datacenter computers.

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IT Governance and Compliance Solution Accelerators

Data Classification Toolkit for Windows Server 2012 now available!
This new Solution Accelerator helps organizations identify, classify, and protect data to enable governance of unstructured data scattered across a targeted number of file servers.
Simplify migration to Hyper-V with new Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager!
The Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter (MVMC) provides a Microsoft-supported, freely available, standalone solution for converting VMware virtual machines (VMs) and disks to Hyper-V based VMs and virtual hard drives (VH... mer
MOF service management guidance for GRC—get the updated Quick Start Kit
Updated with new materials and references to the latest MOF supplemental materials—this kit will help IT pros get up and running with MOF 4.0. Get MOF. Get to work.

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IT Governance and Compliance Solution Accelerators

SCM baselines for Office 2013 have now shipped!
Hello, The Office 2013 SCM baselines are now live and ready for download. There are 2 ways you can download the CAB files. The simplest will be to open the SCM tool and it will automatically disco... mer
SCM Office 2013 Beta is now live!
Hello, We have released the SCM beta for Office 2013 on the Connect site. This is a public beta that anyone can participate in, but it will require you to join the program before you can get acces... mer
Why We’re Not Recommending “FIPS Mode” Anymore
In the latest review of the official Microsoft security baselines for all versions of Windows client and Windows Server, we decided to remove our earlier recommendation to enable “FIPS mode&rdqu... mer

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IT Governance and Compliance Solution Accelerators

SCM 3.0 - Why does Exporting to GPO Backup and Importing that Backup alter the settings so drastically?
This is what I'm seeing. No changes are made to the duplicated Baseline prior to the Export. Duplicate the Win 7 computer Baseline. Original and Duplicate Compare with 0 differences.Export the dupli... mer
Security Compliance Manager and Local GPO Tool not exporting all settings
I'm trying to get my first baseline configured for several non-networked Windows 7 machines. Everything worked well regarding the export and import, until I went to double check all the settings. Th... mer
SCM v.3.0 - "Invalid data" exporting GPO backup - Domain changes to ""
Hi, I've found that I've been unable to import on AD GPM console certain policies exported from SCM. Scenario is as follows: * Correctly imported GPO on SCM from GPO backup * Modifications are made ... mer

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