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Evenementen voor IT professionals

Op deze pagina vindt u links naar komende evenementen, zoals conferenties, technische briefings en user group evenementen die door Microsoft en derden worden georganiseerd, plus webcasts, en andere informatiebronnen op aanvraag.


Community Events


TechEd 2014


TechEd Europe is Microsoft’s premier technology conference for IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers, providing the technical education, product evaluation, and community resources to plan, architect, deploy, manage and secure a connected enterprise.

We are excited to announce that TechEd Europe will be held October 28-31 at Fira Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain. We hope you will join us to increase your technical expertise through deep hands-on learning, sharing of best practices and interaction with Microsoft and a variety of industry experts.

  • Venue: Barcelona, Spain




The “Technofolies” is mainly a French speaking event which will take place in Brussels, and will be open to both professionals, business decision-makers and students in IT.

Ephec and Neomytic invite you to participate 'free of charge' to our two days of technical sessions on Wednesday 29 and Thursday, October 30, 2014.

13 November

IT Camp - Microsoft Azure & Hybrid Cloud


Join our hands-on, expert led Microsoft IT Camp “Extend your Datacenter with Microsoft Azure” If your organization needs to scale on-demand, rapidly respond to your customers, and maintain total control over your data at all times, consider extending your datacenter and choosing a Hybrid Cloud model infrastructure.

Attend the IT Camp “Extend your Datacenter with Microsoft Azure” to learn how your existing skills are applicable to extending your business beyond the capabilities of your on premises infrastructure.

Event style: IT camps



Webinar - Enterprise Mobility Management: many challenges – one solution


Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite empowers your employees to work productively from nearly any internet- connected device, while providing IT with an easy, central, integrated system for managing all devices. You can securely expand the virtual workplace while building on existing investments, rather than recreating policies, retraining staff or duplicating infrastructure.

Event style: IT Pro Webinars


Webinar - Discover Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite and how to deploy it


Key components of the Enterprise Mobility Suite are Azure AD Premium, Windows Intune and Azure Rights Management.

Learn from Peter De Tender, Microsoft Infrastructure Architect, MCT and MVP not only what the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite is, but also how one can deploy it in an enterprise organization

Speaker: Peter De Tender

Event style: IT Pro Webinars


Webinar - System Center data analysis in a few clicks with PowerBI


Analyze and Visualize your System Center data after this PowerBI demo session. In this session we introduce Power BI, with a focus on self-service information management (SSIM) and how you can use Power BI together with System Center.

Speaker: Kurt Van Hoecke

Event style: IT Pro Webinars


Webinar - Don’t gridlock your own digital highway but monitor it with SCOM…


We all know how annoying it is to drive over a bad maintained road… Well your users are experiencing the same feeling if you are not maintaining your IT infrastructure. Hopefully most of the time it’s just a small bump in the road and people can carry on what they are doing on your systems but imagine a bridge collapsing and all traffic just stops? Prevent becoming gridlocked because of bad maintenance but see the problems coming beforehand and deal with them by using SCOM.

Join this session to fix your roads where necessary and keep them open for your virtual traffic.

Speaker: Dieter Wijckmans

Event style: IT Pro Webinars


IT Camp - Infrastructure Modernization


Join us for a hands-on, expert led Microsoft IT Camp “Modernizing your Infrastructure with Microsoft’s Cloud OS”

Windows Server 2012 R2 is the most significant release of Windows Server to date. While you know that it’s time to modernize your datacenter and to upgrade your existing services to this new server platform, you are faced with a number of unique challenges to ensure a seamless transition.

Event style: IT camps


Webinar - How to leverage Azure for Backup & Disaster Recovery


So you want to get your data offsite. Ever thought of using Azure for that? It is a perfect platform to store your secondary backups in the 3-2-1 rule to an offsite location and secure yourself in case you really are into trouble. No more hassling with tapes, no more expensive secondary “cold” location just to have your backups offsite. Azure and Azure with Service Providers is exactly what you need.

Speaker: Mike Resseler

Event style: IT Pro Webinars