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Filever Overview

Filever.exe: File Version

This command-line tool examines the version resource structure of a file or a directory of files on either a local or a remote computer. It displays information on the versions of executable files such as .exe files and dynamic-link libraries (DLLs).

FileVer is useful in determining the exact binary build of an installed component. Executable files typically have their file dates and times modified to make them easy to identify as part of a major release. Hot fixes and service packs do not always follow this convention.

By identifying the actual version information, it is possible to track where a fix came from. This can be useful for customers who are requested by support personnel to identify hot fixes installed on their computers.


  • FileVer might not work against localized binaries.

Corresponding UI

There is no corresponding user interface for this tool.


For more information about comparing binary builds, see the Knowledge Base article Comparing Binary Images of Same Project Builds or Using Binary Version Compatibility.

System Requirements

The following is the system requirement for FileVer:

  • Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003

File Required

  • Filever.exe

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