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HcCompressionDirectory Metabase Property

Atualizado: agosto de 2005

Aplica-se a: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 with SP1

The HcCompressionDirectory property specifies the directory where compressed versions of static files are temporarily cached. If compression is enabled for IIS, every time IIS receives a request for a static file, such as an .htm or .txt file, the server searches the compression directory for an already compressed version of the requested static file.

To force IIS to recompress all outgoing static files, delete all files found in the compression directory specified by HcCompressionDirectory.

It is strongly recommended that the directory specified by HcCompressionDirectory reside on an NTFS file system volume, not on a FAT volume. If the file being requested resides on an NTFS volume, and you have set HcCompressionDirectory to specify a FAT volume, IIS will not perform HTTP compression on that file. This behavior is due to a number of differences between FAT and NTFS volumes, such as time stamping and access control mechanisms. In addition, NTFS handles directories that contain a large number of files more efficiently than FAT volumes do.


Attribute Name Attribute Value

XML Data Type


WMI Data Type


ADSI Data Type


ABO Data Type


ABO Metabase Identifier




Default Value

%windir%\iis temporary compressed files



User Type




Configurable Locations

You can configure this property at the following locations in the IIS metabase.


Metabase Path IIS Admin Object Type



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