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AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition

Published: November 9, 2007 | Updated: August 29, 2008

AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition provides Configuration Manager 2007 customers with an easy way to prepare reliable, customized Windows Installer packages for distribution via Configuration Manager. AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition provides IT professionals with the ability to quickly convert legacy applications to the industry-standard Windows Installer (MSI) format, customize those MSI packages to meet corporate standards, and release them to Configuration Manager for successful distribution.

What You Can Do with AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition

AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition is a custom-featured version of AdminStudio Enterprise Edition, Flexera Software’s most advanced software packaging solution. AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition enables IT departments to convert applications with legacy setups to Windows Installer. It also enables them to create transforms to customize MSI packages to meet company and department-specific standards. Plus, AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition has a wizard and Web-based console that converts MSIs to Configuration Manager deploy-ready packages and simplifies package distribution via Configuration Manager.

The table below provides a summary of the functionality included in AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition.

Key FeatureDescription

A wizard-based tool that makes it easy to convert legacy setups into Windows Installer packages. AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition includes a limited version of Repackager in which you can:

  • Use the Repackaging Wizard’s Snapshot Method to create a new Repackager project by capturing a non-Windows Installer setup.
  • Build the Repackager project to create a Windows Installer package.
TunerFully functional version. You can use it to quickly create transforms (.mst), including Response File transforms, to customize software already in the Windows Installer format and automatically validate that any changes conform to Microsoft guidelines.
Configuration Manager Distribution WizardFully functional version customized for AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition. This wizard-based system automatically creates the system-specific files necessary to successfully deploy packages via Configuration Manager.
Configuration Manager Web ConsoleCustom edition. Provides Web-based access to key settings and configuration capabilities, including server connection settings, package selection, package configuration, distribution points, and package summary.

Note: AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition is supported only through Flexera Software. For support questions, see the Flexera Software Support page.

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