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Sharing Item Collections on a User File Share

You and other team members can directly share the items that are contained in your local user Libraries. Message Analyzer provides a simple way to expose these assets so that you and others can retrieve them for collaboration and mutual use. To share Library items directly with others, you can use the Export command in the Manage<Items> dialog for the Library to save one or more items to a designated SMB file share or other location. In addition, you can use the Import command in the same dialog to access Library items that have been shared by others at the designated location. When exporting items, you have the option to select specific items that you want to distribute to others, including any items that you have created or modified. When importing items, you can select which items you want to retrieve and the category in which to place them in an associated local user Library.

Note  It is advisable to only import item collections to your local Libraries through the Message Analyzer downloads and auto-sync features, because any duplicate items in a direct import will not overwrite existing items in your Libraries, which can result in duplicate Library items.

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