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Application Virtualization Deployment Requirements

Updated: február 2010

Applies To: Application Virtualization

Before you deploy Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) in your environment, you should verify that you can meet the hardware and software requirements for the components you plan to deploy, according to your chosen deployment scenario.

In This Section

Application Virtualization System Requirements
Describes the recommended hardware and software requirements for each of the Application Virtualization System components.

Application Virtualization Sequencer Hardware and Software Requirements
Describes the minimum recommended hardware and software configuration for your Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer workstation.

Application Virtualization Client Hardware and Software Requirements
Describes the recommended minimum hardware and software configuration for your installation of the Application Virtualization Desktop Client and the Application Virtualization Client for Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services).

Configuring Prerequisite Groups in Active Directory for App-V
Describes the objects that you must install in Active Directory groups before you install the App-V system.

How to Configure Windows Server 2008 for App-V Management Servers
Describes how to configure the server running Windows Server 2008 by installing Internet Information Services (IIS) as a role so that you can install the App-V Management Web Service.

Application Virtualization Deployment and Upgrade Checklists
Provides checklists of tasks to guide you through the correct sequence when installing or upgrading the App-V system.

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