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Internet Explorer @ IETF 90
This week Microsoft is sending a number of engineers, including members from the IE team, to the Internet Engineering Task Force meetings in Toronto. ... Read more...
July 2014 Internet Explorer Updates
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-037 - Critical This security update resolves one publicly disclosed vulnerability and twenty-three privately reported... Read more...
Vertical writing mode improvements in IE11
Internet Explorer 11 June 2014 update improves and advances vertical writing mode layout. This enables features such as constant center baseline and r... Read more...
Passwords in IE11
Today’s Web relies on passwords as a form of authentication, which means people have to log into a variety of different services every day. Not only i... Read more...
Announcing Internet Explorer Developer Channel
Summary: Go get the new Internet Explorer Developer Channel at devchannel.modern.IE! Just a few weeks ago, we talked about creating a more open dialog... Read more...

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