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TechNet 資訊安全技術中心

TechNet 資訊安全技術中心中提供各式各樣的連結,包括技術佈告欄、摘要報告、工具規範指引及社群資源,專為 IT 專業人員所設計,協助他們保持 Microsoft 伺服器、電腦及應用程式的安全,並維持最新的狀態。


Microsoft 資訊安全回應中心 (MSRC) 部落格

Security Tech Center Blogs list

BlueHat Prize: And the finalists are...
Hello, The judges have finished reviewing the submissions for the first BlueHat Prize contest and the finalists are in! Please visit www.Blu... 其他
星期四, 六月 21


Security Tech Center Blogs list

Assessing risk for the February 2013 security updates
Today we released twelve security bulletins addressing 57 CVE’s. Five of the bulletins have a maximum severity rating of Critical, and... 其他
星期二, 二月 12

Microsoft 惡意程式碼防護中心部落格

Security Tech Center Blogs list

MSRT July 2014 - Caphaw
This month we added Win32/Caphaw and Win32/Bepush to the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT). Caphaw is a malware family that can be used... 其他
星期二, 七月 8

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將您的滑鼠指標移至影像上方,便可查看每一支影片的詳細資訊。按一下項目開始觀賞。啟動影片之後,按一下 [全螢幕按鈕影像] 以全螢幕觀賞。如需詳細資訊,請造訪 Microsoft Security BlueHat 簡報


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Identity Lifecycle Manager

CI: Security Forums


CI: Security Forums

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CI: Security Forums

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