Enable and disable configuration keys

Dynamics AX 4.0

Disable specific features in applications for all users by using the configuration keys. Each configuration key controls access to a specific feature, and once disabled, the feature is automatically removed from the database and the user interface. From a security perspective, the removal of unused functionality reduces the surface that is open to attack.

License codes are used to enable configuration keys. The configuration keys that are controlled by license codes are marked with a red padlock symbol. This means that the feature cannot be disabled, however, it is possible to disable any child nodes below the feature.

You must have Administrator or Developer access rights in order to set up configuration keys. For information about specific configuration keys, see Configuration keys.

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Configuration keys

The dialog displays:

  • In the right pane - A text explaining the effect of the configuration key when enabled for the entire system and details of what effects the key has on the system when it is enabled. The text given in parenthesis is the configuration key name and is shown only when you have developer rights.

  • In the left pane - A hierarchical overview of the configuration keys that you can use to enable features. With licensed installations and demonstration mode, only parent configuration keys are active from the outset, while with partner licenses, all configuration keys are active

To enable a configuration key, select the check box next to the relevant feature.

If a configuration key is displayed with a red padlock, this indicates that the key controls basic functionality, and therefore cannot be disabled. However, configuration keys beneath it in the hierarchy that control subsets of the basic functionality can be disabled.

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