About service applications and services in SharePoint 2013


Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2016-12-16

Summary: Learn about service applications and service application connections in SharePoint 2013.

In SharePoint 2013, individual services can be configured independently and third-party companies can add services. The services infrastructure gives you control over which services are deployed and how services are shared.

Services that are deployed are named service applications. A service application provides a resource that can be shared across sites throughout a farm, and can be accessed by users through a hosting web application. Service applications are associated to web applications by service application connections. Some services can be shared across farms.

For more information about the logical structure of services and service applications, see Architecture.

For more information about how to manage service applications that included instructions for publishing service applications across farms, see Manage service applications in SharePoint 2013 and Share service applications across farms in SharePoint 2013.

For more information about starting, stopping, and configuring services, see Start or stop a service (SharePoint 2013).

For a list of SharePoint 2013 service applications, see SharePoint 2013: Service Applications list.

Because SharePoint 2013 runs as websites in Internet Information Services (IIS), administrators and users depend on the accessibility features that browsers provide. SharePoint 2013 supports the accessibility features of supported browsers. For more information, see the following resources: