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Groove Server 2010

Applies to: Groove Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2010-02-25

This article lists key features of Microsoft Groove Server 2010 Manager and Relay. It also provides links to technical articles about how to use these features.

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Groove Server Manager features References

Administrative Web interface provides a centralized approach to deploying Microsoft SharePoint Workspace usage policies, assigning managed SharePoint Workspace users to Relay services, and overseeing SharePoint Workspace client activity. For an overview of the tasks and roles that you can execute from the Groove Server 2010 Manager administrative Web site, see the figure that follows this table.

Configure Groove Server 2010 Manager

Integration with existing Active Directory infrastructure facilitates deployment and management of Microsoft SharePoint Workspace clients.

Integrating Active Directory with Groove Server Manager

Single administrative Web page for deploying SharePoint Workspace usage policies.

Deploying policies to SharePoint Workspace users

Relay server settings pages facilitate the assignment of registered Relay servers to SharePoint Workspace clients and enable administrators to load-balance Relay services.

Assigning Relay servers to SharePoint Workspace users

Registering Relay servers with Groove Server Manager

Role-based access control helps secure the Manager server’s administrative Web site.

Managing administrative roles for Groove Server Manager

Reporting interface lets administrators generate reports of server events and specified categories of SharePoint Workspace user activity.

Generating Groove Server Manager reports

Monitoring Groove Server Manager

Groove Server Manager 2010 administrative tasks and roles

Groove Server Manager admin tasks and role


Groove Server Relay features References

Groove Relay Control Panel add-in provides easy access to Relay server configuration settings.

Changing Server settings for Groove Server Relay

Changing SOAP settings for Groove Server Relay

Changing SSL and administrative access settings for Groove Server Relay

Changing the security and pre-authentication setting

Tuning Groove Server Relay

SSL-protected administrative Web pages display Relay server operating statistics and communications events.

Monitoring Groove Server Relay

Cooperation with Groove Server Manager enables centralized provisioning of SharePoint Workspace clients to Groove Server Relay services that support virtual peer communications for users who bring work offline or work under adverse network conditions.

Registering Relay servers with Groove Server Manager

Assigning Relay servers to SharePoint Workspace users