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Publikováno: duben 2012

Aktualizováno: duben 2012

Rozsah platnosti: Windows Server 2008

The dirquota command-line tool is installed with File Server Resource Manager and includes subcommands for creating and managing quotas, auto apply quotas, and quota templates, as well as configuring general administrative options for working with quotas.

You can create and manage only File Server Resource Manager quotas with dirquota. To manage NTFS disk quotas, use the Fsutil quota command.

To use this command, you must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group.

dirquota quota
dirquota autoquota
dirquota template
dirquota admin
dirquota notification


Subcommand Description

Dirquota quota

Performs tasks to create and manage quotas on a volume or folder.

Dirquota autoquota

Performs tasks to create and manage auto apply quotas on a volume or folder.

Dirquota template

Performs tasks to create and manage quota templates.

Dirquota admin

Configures default administrative options and storage report parameters.

Dirquota notification

Lists the syntax of a configuration file that can be used to configure quota threshold notifications.

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