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IIS 6.0 Administration Reference

The reference section provides detailed information about the interfaces, objects, and data structures available for programming and administering IIS.

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This section contains the following topics:

  • Metabase Property Reference: This section defines the metabase properties used for IIS and includes code examples that show how to access the properties.
  • IIS 6.0 Registry Reference: This section defines the registry entries that pertain to IIS.
  • Events Reference: This section describes the events that IIS lists in the Event Viewer and explains how to use them to monitor your Web server.
  • IIS 6.0 Event Messages: This section describes the Error, Warning, and Information event messages generated by IIS 6.0, and the logs to use to monitor Web server performance.
  • Performance Counters Reference: This section describes the counters that you can enable in the System Monitor MMC snap-in, allowing you to evaluate the performance of your Web server.
  • IIS 6.0 Performance Counters: This section describes performance objects, the components that generate the data, and how you can use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to view these counters.
  • Timeouts Reference: This section defines the IIS time-out properties and explains how to individually set them to configure your Web server for different tasks.
  • Redirect Reference: This section explains how to format a server redirection correctly. For reference topics related to ASP, see the IIS Web Application Technology Reference section of the IIS Software Developer Kit (SDK).
  • Tracing Events Reference: This reference describes the events that can be recorded in the trace log when using request-based tracing or IIS Admin tracing.
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