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Print Services Migration: Appendix A - Printbrm.exe Command-Line Tool Syntax

Aktualizováno: duben 2009

Rozsah platnosti: Windows Server 2008 R2


Syntax Description

-s <server name>

Specifies the destination server.


Backs up the server to the specified file.


Restores the configuration in the file to the server.


Queries the server or the backup file.

-f <file name>

Specifies the backup file.

-d <directory name>

Unpacks the backup file to the directory (with -r), or repacks a backup file from the directory (with -b).

-o force

Forces overwriting of existing objects.

-p all:org

Publishes all printers in the directory, or publishes printers that were published originally.


Omits binary files from the backup.


Converts LPR ports to standard TCP/IP ports on restore.

-c <file name>

Uses the specified configuration file.


Removes ACLs from print queues on restore.


Displays Help.

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