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Manage computers with Microsoft Intune

Aktualizováno: prosinec 2014

Platí pro: Microsoft Intune

Use this guide to help you set up your computers to be managed by Microsoft Intune. In this guide you’ll find information about what you need to know before you start, detailed instructions on getting your computers managed, information about the tasks you can perform with managed computers, and information about helping to keep your computers secure and up to date.

If you are looking for information about managing your mobile devices, see Manage mobile devices with Microsoft Intune.


Learn about the computer management capabilities that Intune provides. Gives you basic information about the tasks you can perform when you manage computers with Intune and also directs you to more information that will help you get up and running with computer management.

Before you get started, review this topic to understand what must be in place before you start to deploy the Intune client to your computers.

Learn how to get your computers managed by Intune.

Understand the various tasks you can perform on your computers once they are managed by Intune.

Learn how you can use software updates to keep your Microsoft and third-party software up to date.

Learn how Intune can help you to secure your computers, using Windows Firewall policies and Endpoint Protection.

If you need further help, you’ll find it here.

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To navigate Intune documentation on TechNet, see the Intune Site Map. Want to try Intune? Sign up for a 30-day trial.
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