Terminal Services Deployment Guide

Aktualizováno: březen 2010

Rozsah platnosti: Windows Server 2008

Deploying Terminálová služba in your Windows Server® 2008 environment provides technologies that enable users to access Windows®-based programs that are installed on a terminal server, or to access the full Windows desktop. By using Terminálová služba, users can access a terminal server from within a corporate network or from the Internet.

Terminálová služba enables you to efficiently deploy and maintain software in an enterprise environment from a central location. Because you install the programs on the terminal server and not on the client computer, programs are easier to upgrade and to maintain.


This guide is intended for use by system administrators and system engineers who are responsible for deploying the Terminálová služba role services and features. It provides detailed guidance for deploying a Terminálová služba design that is preselected by you, an infrastructure specialist, or a system architect in your organization.

For related information about Terminal Services, visit the Terminal Services page on the Windows Server 2008 TechCenter.

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