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Arrangementer og webcasts for it-professionelle

Her finder du information om de mange aktuelle arrangementer, aktiviteter og webcasts for it-pro’er. Herunder kan du tilmelde dig både de mange arrangementer som foregår i her Danmark og til internationale webcasts eller virtual labs.


Current Webcast Series

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Active Directory
Active DirectoryWebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
Windows Migration StrategiesWebcasts  
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Internet Information ServicesWebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) ServerWebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
Microsoft Exchange ServerWebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
Microsoft ForefrontWebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
Microsoft Office System
Microsoft Office SystemWebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
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SQL Server
SQL Server 2008WebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
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SQL Server 2005 Business IntelligenceWebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
Tech·Ed 2008WebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
Tech·Ed 2007WebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
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Unified CommunicationsWebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
Windows Server 2008WebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
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Identity and Access ManagementWebcastsVirtual Labs 
Windows VistaWebcastsVirtual LabsPodcasts
IT AgilityWebcasts  
Microsoft IT ShowcaseWebcasts Podcasts

Featured Presentations

  • Windows 7 Feature Overview
    This session will explore Windows 7 platform capabilities that provides enhanced security and control, secure anywhere access and how this makes it easier for IT Professionals and users to manage the desktop.
    ZUNE | MP3 | WMA | MP4
  • Windows 7 Deployment Enhancements
    This session will focus on Windows 7 enhanced deployment capabilities.
    ZUNE | MP3 | WMA | MP4
  • Windows 7 Manageability Solutions
    This session will explore Windows 7 manageability features for increased automation, reducing help desk calls, and flexible administrator control.
    ZUNE | MP3 | WMA | MP4
  • Technical Overview of Windows Server 2008 R2 Part 1
    This session is the first of two looking at Windows Server 2008 R2. The session is aimed at someone from a Server 2008. Part 1 will cover virtualization improvements for Hyper-V including Live Migration, Addition and Removal of Storage.
    ZUNE | MP3 | WMA | MP4
  • Technical Overview of Windows Server 2008 R2 Part 2
    This session we will finish off the overview with a look at Scalability, Failover Clustering, Windows Server Web application platform, and finally Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 better together features.
    ZUNE | MP3 | WMA | MP4
  • Using the Windows Server 2008 R2 Migration Tools
    The session will explore Windows Server 2008 R2 Migration Tools.
    ZUNE | MP3 | WMA | MP4
  • Introduction to Windows PowerShell
    The session will provide an Introduction to PowerShell for IT professional to automate Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista client administrative activities. The session will explore the features and capabilities of PowerShell, customer scenarios to manage day-to-day server and client administration activities, and Command Line syntax usage.
    ZUNE | MP3 | WMA | MP4
  • Managing Web Infrastructure Systems with Windows PowerShell 2.0
    This session will explore how Windows Powershell v2.0 can automate administrative tasks to manage critical web infrastructure systems in the data center. The session will include topics on how to monitor and manage Windows Server 2008 systems. We will discuss how to use Windows Powershell cmdlets and WMI to retrieve local and remote information and execute tasks that can be performed on a daily basis. Then we will focus on how Windows Powershell can make it easier for IT Professionals to manage Active Directory to administer network accounts and publish shared folders. Next, we will explore how Windows Powershell Snap-in for IIS can be used to efficiently manage web servers in a web farm to decrease administrative overhead. Then we will show you how Windows Powershell snap-in included in SQL Server 2008 can make it easier for IT Professionals to administer backend databases.
    ZUNE | MP3 | WMA | MP4
  • Monitoring Windows Server Systems
    In this session, we will explore System Center data center end-to-end monitoring solution that helps IT specialists view systems across the data center to identify potential problems that could affect systems from responding to enterprise business demands. We will discuss how System Center Operations Manager (Ops Manager) is an integral part of this solution, and centrally monitors the health of systems in the data center including configuration changes to ensure that services and distributed applications are functioning to respond to end user requests.
    ZUNE | MP3 | WMA
  • Managing Windows Systems For Mid-Size Organizations
    In this session, we will explore how to configure, monitor, and resolve System Center Operations Manager alerts. Finally, we will look at reporting in the Operations Console and also explore the Service-Level Dashboard.
    ZUNE | MP3 | WMA
  • Advanced Windows PowerShell 2.0 Scripting
    In this session we will look at some of the powerful scripting capabilities of Windows PowerShell. First, we will introduce some of the basics of Windows PowerShell. We will examine how the help system works and review the Windows PowerShell command structure. We will also discuss how to format output and some basic Windows PowerShell commands. Next, we will explore variable declaration and scripting constructs in Windows PowerShell to perform basic programmatic functions, like loops and branching. Then we will look at advanced scripting techniques involving functions, filters, script blocks, and error handling. We will also look briefly at how to use Windows PowerShell with WMI to gain access to a wide variety of system objects and settings. Finally, we will look at how to use the .NET Framework to build a simple form using Windows PowerShell.
    ZUN | MP3 | WMA | MP4