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Event Review: Introduction to Windows PowerShell (Session ITPROSRV-200)

Welcome to the material supporting page for this session. The materials on this page have been selected as the best matches to the content covered in the live event session.

Session Outline

The session will provide an Introduction to PowerShell for IT professional to automate Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista client administrative activities. The session will explore the features and capabilities of PowerShell, customer scenarios to manage day-to-day server and client administration activities, and Command Line syntax usage.

Session Agenda

  • The Purpose of Windows PowerShell
  • Features and Capabilities of Windows PowerShell
  • Windows PowerShell Command Syntax
  • Management and Security

Session Media

This session consists of a Windows Media presentation and demonstrations:
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Demo: Using Windows PowerShell? Cmdlet

In this demonstration, we will introduce some of the basics of Windows PowerShell. We will look at how the Help system provides a great starting resource for those new to Windows PowerShell, and then we will review the Windows PowerShell command syntax. We will also examine the different methods to format output and execute some basic Windows PowerShell commands.  
Play online | Download

Demo: Automating Administrative Activities

In this demonstration, we will use Windows PowerShell to perform common administrative tasks, such as working with the event log, managing services, and using the native WMI support. Along the way, we'll also look at creating Windows PowerShell scripts.  
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Demo: Managing Windows PowerShell Security

In this demonstration, we will discuss the Windows PowerShell execution policy, and then we will modify the Windows PowerShell security policy to activate scripts.  
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Third-Party Books

  • Windows PowerShell Cookbook O'Reilly Media

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  • Essential PowerShell

    Summary: In Essential PowerShell, noted expert Holger Schwichtenberg gives Windows sysadmins all the knowledge and sample scripts they need to successfully administer production systems with PowerShell.

  • Windows PowerShell Unleashed

    Summary: PowerShell is one of the most exciting new products to come out of Microsoft in a long time. It is both a new scripting language and a command-line shell. People who have seen the demos have been extremely impressed by the power it brings to admins to automate and customize their regular tasks. PowerShell will be used as the basis for all Windows administrative scripting in the future, starting with Exchange 2007 and Vista. IT Pros have been hungering for whatever PowerShell information they can get their hands on.

  • Windows PowerShell in Action: Bruce Payette: Books

    Summary: This book is designed for anyone who wants to learn PowerShell and use it well. Rather than simply being a book of recipes to read and apply, this book gives you the deep knowledge about how PowerShell works and how to apply it

  • Windows PowerShell Cookbook: for Windows, Exchange 2007, and MOM V3: Lee Holmes: Books

    Summary: This Cookbook by Windows PowerShell team developer Lee Holmes provides hundreds of tested scripts that you can use right away to get Microsoft's new tool working for you. More than 150 recipes, combined with a concise task-based introduction to the Windows PowerShell scripting language and environment, make it the perfect look-up guide when you encounter a thorny problem, or need a quick solution. The ideal companion to any tutorial or reference, this book meets the needs of system administrators at any level.

  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell Programming for the Absolute Beginner: Jerry Lee Ford Jr.: Books

    Summary: Microsoft Windows PowerShell Programming for the Absolute Beginner teaches readers how to program using Microsoft's new PowerShell scripting language through the creation of computer games. No prior knowledge of programming in any language is required. Topics covered include the Windows PowerShell Command Line, object based scripting with .NET, writing PowerShell Scripts, working with variables, arrays and hashes, implementing conditional logic, using loops to process data, organizing scripts using functions, basic system administration, and much more.

  • Pro Windows PowerShell: Hristo Deshev: Books

    Summary: Pro Windows PowerShell will show you how to use all this power in your own work. You?ll discover the object?oriented features of the shell and how they help in extracting and manipulating data. You?ll then learn how to use those features to solve real?world problems: manipulating files, working with text, monitoring systems, and performing operations over the network. The book serves as not only a tutorial, but also a reference: the ?Real World? part is structured so that it can be read nonlinearly and used as a reference or a cookbook. And you?ll find freely available tools and extensions that will help you do things even faster.

  • Windows PowerShell Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly)): Lee Holmes: Books

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  • Professional Windows PowerShell (Programmer to Programmer): Andrew Watt: Books

    Summary: In one of the first books to cover this groundbreaking technology, Andrew Watt guides you through the ins and outs of PowerShell and demonstrates how to utilize it to create powerful solutions.

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