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TechNet Conference 2013 - Keynote: It’s time. Transforming IT in the Era of Cloud OS


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Just as the Internet changed the way people work, interact and play, the cloud era is transforming the very landscape of IT. This new era requires an evolution of IT — even a redefinition of the server OS – to become the engine that helps businesses react to market shifts, deliver new products and services faster, and ultimately get ahead of the competition. We believe the key is moving forward in a way that blends both existing, on-premises technologies and public cloud resources into one consistent platform. This is the Cloud OS, Microsoft’s vision of the unified platform for modern business. It helps organizations continue to get value from their existing technology investments and skill sets, while taking advantage of new innovations in cloud, devices, app dev and big data. General Manager Mike Schutz will detail Microsoft’s vision and strategy to help organizations achieve these goals while reviewing a broad set of newly-announced innovations across the full suite of Microsoft server and cloud offerings. ( Präsentation herunterladen)


Veröffentlichungsdatum: Dezember 5, 2013
Autor: Mike Schutz, General Manager Windows Server & Management Product Marketing - Microsoft Corporation & Matt McSpirit, Senior Technical Product Manager Server and Tools - Microsoft Corporation