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BI – PowerPivot für Excel

Hi All How to correct the measure below to: 1) exclude Brands where SALES is equal 0. MEASURE: RANK:=RANKX(ALL('PTV FLAT HITLIST'[BRAND]);[SALES]) This is how my pivot looks like: 2) To work properly when we add column ITEM to our pivot. As you ca... Mehr
PowerPivot and Analysis Services tabular instance in SharePoint
Hello, If I connect to the SQL Server 2012 SP1 Analysis Services tabular instance in SharePoint 2010 that houses all of the PowerPivot files that have been uploaded to our SharePoint environment, I only see a portion of the models  that exist. Why is... Mehr
Archive (turn off refresh of data)
I have users who want to be able to refresh some Power Pivot data (sourced out of a SQL Server view), and then "set the data aside" so they can have the set of data as a reference point to an earlier time period (archiving). I'm not sure how to best... Mehr

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