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Plan a Private Cloud

The guidance in this section addresses the people, process, and technology concerns for implementing a private cloud. It is Microsoft product-agnostic. It focuses on the necessary capabilities required in a private cloud environment. Later sections in this series build on this guidance by mapping Microsoft products and technologies to it, and then detailing deliver and operations information for those implementations.

People and Processes

A private cloud is not a technology, nor a set of technologies, but rather, a new way to deliver information technology services to end users.  This may be a significant shift in your environment, requiring changes to the people, process, and technology that you may use to deliver services in this model. Read the article: Preparing for the Private Cloud – Rethinking IT Roles to learn more about how IT roles need to evolve for the private cloud.

Private Cloud Reference Architecture

The Private Cloud Reference Architecture (PCRA) is the foundation upon which all articles on the Private Cloud Solution Hub are based. Start by reading the Private Cloud Architectural Principles, Patterns, and Concepts article and then familiarize yourself with the Private Cloud Reference Model (PCRM). The image below is included within that article and details “layers” labeled “Management,” “Service Operations,” Infrastructure,” and “Service Delivery.”  If you click on any of those layers, you’ll be taken to an article which provides detailed information for each of the smaller boxes within the layers, which we refer to as capabilities or components.  High level descriptions of each of these capabilities is also provided within the PCRM article.  After familiarizing yourself with these articles, you’ll have a solid foundation to continue your planning.

Private Cloud Security

This section contains articles for planning security in a private cloud.  It expands upon the PCRA.  The articles cover the problem domain, key scenarios, and outline a structured approach that you can use to create a private cloud security design within your organization.

The relative importance of these attributes will be different in a private cloud as compared to a public cloud, but all five will have some impact on your operational security processes.

Planning for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This section contains articles that address planning concerns for IaaS. It builds upon the PCRA and Private Cloud Security articles by addressing specific concerns for IaaS. It’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with the articles in the PCRA and Private Cloud Security sections before reading this guidance.