Letzte Aktualisierung: Februar 2010

Betrifft: Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG)

Forefront TMG networks are used to model your physical corporate networks. Forefront TMG constructs a number of predefined networks during installation. For more information see:

Using the Getting Started Wizard after Setup, you can configure a Forefront TMG network for each network adapter installed on the Forefront TMG computer. For more information, see Konfigurieren von Anfangseinstellungen für die Bereitstellung.

In addition to modeling your corporate environment, networks are also used to specify sources and destinations in firewall policy rules. For more information, see Planen der Steuerung des Netzwerkzugriffs. In addition to networks, Forefront TMG provides other types of network elements that can be used in rules. For more information, see Network Objects.