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Troubleshooting: Terminal Services

Betrifft: Windows Server 2008

Troubleshooting documentation is available for Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008. Troubleshooting documentation is designed to help you solve problems that arise when you try to deploy, manage, or use Terminal Services.

Terminal Services Events

Ereignisse der Terminaldienste in Windows Server 2008

This topic provides links to lists of Terminal Services events in Windows Server 2008. The lists are organized by event ID, role service, and event source. In each of the lists, the event ID is linked to troubleshooting information for that event.

Terminal Services Troubleshooting

Terminal Services

These topics provide troubleshooting information for Terminal Services events that can appear in the event log of a computer that is running a Terminal Services role service, such as TS Licensing. You can also access this troubleshooting documentation while reviewing an event in Event Viewer by clicking the Event Log Online Help link. This will enable you to access troubleshooting knowledge specific to that event by using your Web browser.

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