What's New

The Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 contains the following new functionality.

  • Self-tuning threshold monitors for e-mail message queue thresholds.

    Self-tuning threshold monitors, a new feature in Operations Manager 2007, use a learning process to determine the normal values for specified performance counters. The values at which alerts should be raised, referred to as threshold levels, are automatically set based on the learned values.

  • A console task targeted at the Exchange 2003 Role that starts the Exchange Server System Manager.

  • Agent tasks that are targeted at the Exchange 2003 Role perform the following functions.

    • Install the Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer.

    • Query local domain controllers. The Query Local Domain Controllers task lists the domain controller that a server running Exchange is currently using. This information is useful when troubleshooting whether a server running Exchange is using an out-of-site domain controller.

    • Start, stop, pause, and resume Exchange monitored services, as supported by each service.

  • An agent task targeted at Exchange MAPI Logon that performs a synthetic logon to MAPI, which is a manually initiated version of the MAPI logon monitor. The task provides the status and the logon latency performance data.