Set Up a Disconnected Network (Import and Export the Updates)

Managing WSUS on a disconnected network involves exporting updates and metadata from a WSUS server on a connected network and then importing them to the WSUS server on the disconnected network. There is a conceptual discussion of this feature in the "Networks Disconnected from the Internet" section in Choose a Type of WSUS Deployment earlier in this guide.

There are three steps to exporting and then importing updates:

  1. Make sure that the options for express installation files and update languages on the exporting server are compatible with the settings on the importing server. This ensures that you collect the updates you intend to distribute.

  2. Copy updates from the file system of the export server to the file system of the import server.

  3. Export update metadata from the database on the export server, and import it into the database on the import server. The last section explains how to import exported updates to a replica server.

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