Best Practice Recommendations for Windows To Go

Veröffentlicht: August 2012

Letzte Aktualisierung: August 2012

Betrifft: Windows 8

The following are the best practice recommendations for using Windows To Go:

  • Always shut down Windows and wait for shutdown to complete before removing the Windows To Go drive.

  • Don’t insert the Windows To Go drive into a running computer.

  • Don’t boot the Windows To Go drive from a USB hub. Always insert the Windows To Go drive directly into a port on the computer.

  • If available, use a USB 3.0 port with Windows To Go.

  • Do not install non-Microsoft core USB drivers on Windows To Go.

  • Suspend BitLocker on Windows 7 host computers before changing the BIOS settings to boot from USB and then resume BitLocker protection.

Additionally, we recommend that when planning your deployment you should also plan a standard operating procedure for answering questions about which USB drives can be used for Windows To Go and how to enable booting from USB to assist your IT department or help desk in supporting users and work groups that want to use Windows To Go. It may be very helpful for your organization to work with your hardware vendors to create an IT standard USB drives for use with Windows To Go, so that if groups within your organization want to purchase drives they can quickly determine which ones they should obtain.