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Getting the most of your virtualized Desktops and Applications (engl.)


Informationen zu diesem Video

For years and years we have been installing and delivered Desktops and applications the same way, it has met our needs and the user demands but this is all changing, Users, Executives and shareholders expect service oriented infrastructure, Cloud technology and flexible costs. How do we design and implement out Virtual Desktop and Application infrastructure to satisfy these needs? René Vester will take you on a guided tour through "the buzz we think we want" and the way we can bring the Cloud to our own datacenters.

Laden Sie die Präsentation zur Session herunter: PDF

Bei diesem Video handelt es sich um eine Aufzeichnung von der Community-Veranstaltungen \\ice:2011 – intelligent communities for europe, die am 20.08.2011 in Lingen/Ems stattfand. Themen waren unter anderem soziale Netzwerke, die Cloud und mobile Endgeräte.


Veröffentlichungsdatum: September 26, 2011
Autor: Rene Vester




Videos: WMV (ZIP)