SharePoint Integration (Reporting Services Configuration)

New: 12 December 2006

A report server can be configured to run in native mode or in SharePoint integrated mode, allowing you to synchronize report server content and operations with a SharePoint site or farm.

Use this page to view the server mode status for this report server instance. There are four possible states. Each state is indicated by a color-coded icon next to SharePoint Integration on the page selection pane in the Reporting Services Configuration tool:

  • A gray circle indicates that SharePoint integrated mode is not supported for the current instance. Most likely, the version or edition of Reporting Services does not support SharePoint integrated mode. The version might be a pre-Service Pack 2 release of SQL Server 2005. If you are running SP2, this indictor will occur if you are running the Workgroup Edition or Express Edition with Advanced Services.
  • A blue ! indicates that SharePoint integrated mode is supported on the current version and edition, but it is not configured.
  • A green check indicates that the current report server instance is configured for SharePoint integration. The green check occurs when you create and then connect to a report server database in SharePoint integrated mode. The green check does not mean that the server technologies are operational. Additional steps might be required.
  • A red X indicates that the Report Server Web service or Windows service cannot connect to the SharePoint content databases. Prerequisite software might not be installed, or the service accounts might not be defined as trusted accounts in SharePoint Central Administration on the target SharePoint instance.

There are no options on this page. This page provides status information about the deployment mode used by the current report server instance. To review the complete list of steps and tools, see Configuring Reporting Services for SharePoint 3.0 Integration.

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