Testing BizTalk Server Performance on Hyper-V

To assess the performance of BizTalk Server 2006 R2 running on Hyper-V, four test scenarios were performed. Some of the tests were repeated to vet the results of earlier test runs.

  • Test Scenario 1: Single VM Using a Physical Server (Baseline) – BizTalk Server running on a Hyper-V virtual machine is compared to BizTalk Server running on a native installation of Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit Edition. This test establishes the baseline against which the remaining three tests are compared to determine the performance costs of virtualization for each test.

  • Test Scenario 2: Multiple VMs Using a Physical SQL Server – The second scenario was designed to determine if and by how much performance could be improved by hosting multiple guest virtual machines on the same physical server. Test results taken from multiple virtual machine configurations were then compared to a physical machine processing with the same number of logical processors as the total number dispersed across all virtual machines. As with the first scenario, the only variable was the BizTalk Server processing layer.

  • Test Scenario 3: Multiple VMs Using a Virtual SQL Server – The third scenario was conducted to determine the performance impact of using a virtualized SQL Server 2005 in a BizTalk Server environment. Tests were performed using virtual BizTalk Servers with the BizTalk databases hosted on a SQL Server running on Hyper-V. For comparison, the tests were also run using SQL Server running on the native operating system.

  • Test Scenario 4: Multiple VMs and Virtual SQL Server on a Single Physical Server – In the scenario, all virtual machines (VMs) needed to run the Consume Web Service application are hosted on one physical server. The purpose of this scenario is to determine the performance costs of hosting SQL Server and BizTalk Server virtual machines in a consolidated environment.

In total, over 100 test runs were conducted. This section summarizes key findings and lessons learned from the tests performed.