Scenarios for BizTalk RFID Solutions

Microsoft BizTalk RFID Help provides the following scenarios to illustrate considerations for designing, building, and running BizTalk RFID solutions:

  • Order Fulfillment Scenario

    This scenario illustrates the workflow involved when a manufacturer produces products based on purchase orders, EPC (Electronic Product Code) IDs are created for the products, and RFID labels are printed.

  • RFID Provider Scenario Example

    This example uses a simple "tag-and-ship" scenario to demonstrate the role that the Device Service Provider Interface (DSPI) plays in the interaction between devices and RFID business processes and applications.

  • Filtering Tags Scenario

    This example describes how a developer can add Business Rule Engine (BRE) policies to an RFID process in a tag-filtering scenario.

  • Augmenting Tag Data Scenario

    This example describes how a developer can add BRE policies to an RFID process in an augmenting tag data scenario.

  • Configuring a Double-Hop Scenario

    This scenario discusses security considerations when using credentials over multiple computers.

  • BizTalk RFID Monitoring Scenarios

    This section discusses common problem scenarios and how to troubleshoot and resolve them by using Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 and BizTalk RFID.