How to Use the Deployment Guide

Commerce Server 2009

Deploying Commerce Server 2009 to support enterprise e-commerce activities requires performing several tasks. The content that is contained in this Deployment Guide provides the information and sequence of tasks you need to deploy Commerce Server 2009.

We recommend that you become familiar with the information provided before you plan your network and install and configure the servers in your Commerce Server 2009 deployment.

The following table summarizes the information that is contained in this guide.



Deploying Commerce Server 2009

Describes the concepts, terms, and tools that you must be familiar with when you deploy Commerce Server 2009.

Deployment Architecture

Describes the logical and physical types of deployments. Use this information to plan the type of Commerce Server 2009 deployments that you will install.

Deployment Requirements

Describes how to plan your network and acquire the hardware and software that is required by the servers in a Commerce Server 2009 deployment.

Commerce Server Deployment Tools

Describes how the Commerce Server 2009 Installation, Configuration, and Site Packager wizards work. Provides best practices for using these tools. Provides information for using these tools for unattended installation and configuration. 

Building Deployments

Provides the high-level sequence of tasks for building Commerce Server 2009 tiers, environments, and deployments. Use these topics as checklists for building out a part of your network.

Configuring the Network and Servers

Provides the server-specific sequence of tasks you follow to install and configure the software on the different types of servers that are used in a Commerce Server 2009 deployment. Use the first topic in each section as a checklist for configuring the server.

Unpacking Sites and Resources

Provides instructions on unpacking Commerce Server 2009 sites and resources. 

Securing the Deployment

Provides information and instructions for securing a Commerce Server 2009 deployment. 

Starting Applications and Services

Provides instructions for starting or restarting Commerce Server 2009 services.