BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Videos

Microsoft BizTalk RFID enables industry vendors to develop RFID (radio frequency identification) solutions. RFID technology is expected to significantly transform the way an enterprise runs its business. The availability of real-time information provides many possibilities, and the number of areas where RFID could add value is continuously increasing.

Explore the capabilities of BizTalk RFID through the videos below by using Windows Media Player or another WMV player. You can find each of these videos in the RFID Videos section on the RFID technology page.

  • IGPS Case Study Using Microsoft BizTalk Server and RFID

    Video Length:  00:03:31

    This video shows how iGPS provides the world's first all-plastic pallet pool with embedded RFID tags, allowing shippers and receivers to experience benefits that are revolutionizing the supply chain:

    • World-class pallets that are 30% lighter than wood, meaning less weight to ship, the end of splinters and nails, and pallets that perform the same every time they are used.

    • RFID tracking that enables tracing loads throughout the supply chain, providing a new level of transparency.

  • Tehko Case Study Using Microsoft BizTalk RFID: Fresh Fish

    Video Length:  00:04:25

    This video shows how the An Pin Live Fish S/T Center (working with the Southern Innovation Center of the Institute for Industry and Information in Taiwan) is using BizTalk RFID to trace the farming, transport, quality, and usage of live fish for the food service industry.

  • Enhancing the Production Line with Microsoft BizTalk RFID

    Video Length:  00:03:14

    This video shows how customers can use BizTalk RFID across production lines to improve efficiency and reduce errors.