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Introducing Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002

Integrating your company's internal applications has traditionally been difficult. Integrating them with external customers and suppliers has been even harder. But with Microsoft® BizTalk™ Server 2002, you can address all of your integration challenges from the enterprise to the Internet. The following illustration gives one example of orchestrating your business from internal applications to cross-company business processes.

BizTalk Server 2002 helps you orchestrate your business, from internal applications to cross-company business processes

A member of the Microsoft® .NET Enterprise Server family of products, BizTalk Server 2002 unites enterprise application integration (EAI) and business-to-business (B2B) integration. Whether your company is an e-commerce supplier, distributor, or aggregator, BizTalk Server helps you orchestrate your business—all of it—from internal applications to cross-company business processes.

BizTalk Server helps you to integrate

Your interest in BizTalk Server indicates that you are involved in integration at some level. Maybe you are responsible for integrating your company's fulfillment system with other internal applications. Perhaps you have been mandated with integrating your newer Web-facing commerce systems with your back-end manufacturing and distribution systems. Or maybe your task is devising a way to use the Internet to integrate your business processes with those of key suppliers and distributors.

With strong support for XML, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, SSL, S/MIME, and x509v3 certificates, BizTalk Server is a powerful example of applying Internet-standard technologies to solve your integration issues.

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This Introduction provides a high-level view of BizTalk Server 2002. It contains illustrations, links, and definitions to help you better understand how you can use BizTalk Server to solve the unique e-commerce issues that face your company or organization.

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