Creating Web Service Enterprise Applications by Using BizTalk Adapter for Web Services


Microsoft Corporation

March 2003

Applies to:
   Microsoft® BizTalk® Adapter for Web Services
   Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002

Summary: This document uses two example projects to help you master all aspects of Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for Web Services. It also describes how to test the BizTalk Adapter for Web Services solutions that you create. (2 printed pages)

Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for Web Services enables you to provide access to any enterprise server application as a collection of Web service methods. The format translation and process coordination abilities of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002 and the philosophy of using configurable components—instead of custom programming—for integration, combined with the open data format and object access standards of Web services, all quickly and effectively make back-end server applications available over the Internet.

This document uses two examples to help you master all aspects of BizTalk Adapter for Web Services, including the following:

  • Installing Web services
  • Creating Web services and Web methods
  • Creating and selecting specifications, channels, and messaging ports
  • Invoking Web methods from a client application

This document consists of five major sections:

  • An example in which you create a very simple Web service so that you can focus on learning how to install and configure BizTalk Adapter for Web Services
  • An example in which you learn how to use an XLANG schedule to synchronize a complex, asynchronous, multiple-document business process and return a response document to a Web service
  • Techniques that you can use to incrementally construct and test the solutions that you create by using BizTalk Adapter for Web Services and BizTalk Server
  • Advanced techniques for controlling the document specifications of the Web method request and response formats and how to perform inbound and outbound mapping
  • A description of how to use custom .NET preprocessors and postprocessors to read and modify the SOAP headers for a Web method

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