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Windows Server System Online Books complement the Microsoft Windows Server System product documentation by offering:

  • Customer-based integration stories that demonstrate how Microsoft customers are integrating Windows Server System into their enterprises in order to operate more efficiently and save money.
  • Scenario-based Windows Server System Development books whose comprehensive code examples demonstrate how you can use Windows Server System and their related APIs to create solutions to real-world business problems.
  • Task-based Windows Server System IT books that go beyond the boundaries of Help files and white papers to deliver comprehensive guidance on how to perform tasks such as planning, deployment, migration, and disaster recovery.

Customer-Based Integration Books

  • Automating Supply Chain Operations in Order Systems MSDN (November 2003, Online Book)

    Demonstrates how to use BizTalk Server 2002, enterprise application integration (EAI), and Web services to implement an automated order system. Based on Ford Motor Company's eSmart inventory replenishment system, this book and its sample code show how Windows Server System products, including BizTalk Server 2002, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Web services, and ASP.NET, integrate into the enterprise to ensure the continuous supply of parts to a manufacturer's assembly line.

  • Programming Security and Inventory Visibility in Order Systems MSDN (November 2003, Online Book)

    Demonstrates how you can use Microsoft Windows Server System technologies to implement a secure order system. This book features BizTalk Server 2002, Visual Studio .NET, Web Services Enhancements for Microsoft .NET 1.0 (WSE), ASP.NET, business-to-business (B2B) Web service security, and principles of the real-time enterprise (RTE). It discusses how Ford Motor Company uses technologies to build and maintain a secure and reliable order system to feed its just-in-time (JIT) supply chains.

Scenario-Based Developer Books

  • Implementing Secure Business Transactions Across Organizations MSDN (November 2003, Online Book)

    Demonstrates how you can use the features of the Web Services Enhancements for Microsoft .NET 1.0 (WSE) to create secure Web services that implement business transactions across organizations. WSE is an implementation of the Web Services Architecture specifications that define standards for the development and deployment of Web services. This book shows how you can integrate BizTalk Server 2002, Web services, and WSE to create secure and adaptable B2B Web services.

  • Integrating Applications That Require a Persistent Client Connection MSDN (November 2003, Online Book)

    Describes best practices for using Microsoft BizTalk Server to integrate applications that require a persistent client connection to them. This book is written for advanced application integrators and for advanced developers responsible for integrating BizTalk Server with session-based applications within an enterprise. The sample included with this book demonstrates how a persistent TCP/IP connection can be maintained to a host server across multiple calls to an application integration component (AIC).

  • Performance Tuning and Optimization in Time-Critical Networks MSDN (January 2004, Online Book)

    Describes the use of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002 and Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 to implement an optimized payment system for a fictitious bank. Examines the application architecture, analyzes the code, discusses deployment strategies, and shows how the application was tuned for optimum performance. Includes a simplified sample application that you can run to see how the payment system operates.

Task-Based IT Books

  • Planning EAI and B2B Solutions for Business MSDN (November 2003, Online Book)

    Describes some best practices for planning an enterprise application integration (EAI) or business-to-business (B2B) project using Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2002. This book focuses on using the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), which provides proven practices for envisioning, planning, developing, stabilizing, and deploying successful EAI and B2B integration projects with BizTalk Server. This book is written for project managers, team leads, enterprise developers, system architects, and information technology (IT) professionals. It includes an Excel spreadsheet that contains a sample costing model, which the reader can use as a training tool for developing a costing model as described in the appendix.

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