Implementing Secure Business Transactions Across Organizations


Microsoft Corporation

November 2003

Applies to:
Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2002

Summary: This book demonstrates how you can use the features of the Web Services Enhancements for Microsoft .NET 1.0 (WSE) to create secure Web services that implement business transactions across organizations. WSE is an implementation of the Web Services Architecture specifications that define standards for the development and deployment of Web services. Early implementation of several of these proposed standards are provided in WSE to enhance Web services security and configuration. To demonstrate how you can use WSE to create secure Web services for business-to-business (B2B) transactions, this book:

  • Provides a sample B2B application that demonstrates the use of some of the common security and routing features of the WSE.
  • Shows how to secure Web services by digitally signing and encrypting the SOAP message representing the purchase order exchanged between two trading partners.
  • Demonstrates how to implement a routing service using WSE.
  • Shows how to integrate BizTalk Server 2002, Web services, and WSE to create secure and adaptable B2B Web services.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1, Setup

Chapter 2, Securing Web Services

Chapter 3, Using WSE at the Supplier

Chapter 4, Using WSE at the Manufacturer

Chapter 5, Configuring Messaging and Orchestrating the Business Process

Chapter 6, Correlating the Transaction

Chapter 7, Lessons Learned and Final Thoughts


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Download a copy of the sample code (1,246 KB).

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