Installing the Business Analytics Stand-alone Feature

Commerce Server 2002

You can install Commerce Server 2002 to use Business Analytics functionality as a stand-alone feature. You use the Data Warehouse Configurator (DWC) to configure the distributed installation of the Data Warehouse and your non-Commerce applications and Web servers. By adding a non-Commerce application and Web server you can make your Web server log files available to the Data Warehouse for import.

The following procedures describe how to install Commerce Server on one computer using the Business Analytics installation option. You must close all other applications before proceeding.

Ee783800.note(en-US,CS.20).gif Notes

  • Unpack the Blank Solution Site for the Data Warehouse, Predictor resources, and the Commerce Server Business Desk Analysis modules.
  • You can install Commerce Server on only one site using the Business Analytics option. The Business Analytics option will be unavailable for installation on a subsequent site.
  • If you install Commerce Server 2002 on a computer on which Commerce Server 2000 Service Pack 1 has been installed, the <drive letter>:\<commerce_server_root>\sp1 folder contains Service Pack 1 files that can be safely deleted.

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