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Data Warehouse Concepts

Commerce Server 2002

The Commerce Server 2002 Data Warehouse is a set of processes that a system administrator uses to import and maintain data in a combination of a SQL Server database and an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database. The Data Warehouse imports a large amount of site usage data collected from different data sources. This data is gathered from your Web server logs, the Commerce Server databases (profiles, campaigns, catalogs, and transactions) and other data sources that you specify. The Data Warehouse manages the data in the SQL Server and OLAP databases. These databases are then used to produce reports and to analyze and view population segments.

The Data Warehouse is designed to support robust query and analysis. You use the Analysis modules in Commerce Server Business Desk to analyze the data in the Data Warehouse, for example, to identify user trends or to analyze the effectiveness of a campaign, and then update your site to target content to specific user groups or to sell specific products.

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