Product Catalog Objects

Commerce Server 2002

The product catalog objects provide methods to create and manage catalogs, products, and categories in the Commerce Server 2002 Product Catalog System. These objects provide an interface for catalog data stored in a SQL Server database. Use data caching to improve the performance of the Product Catalog System by holding catalog data in memory and minimizing calls to the underlying database.

The Product Catalog Programming Concepts topic describes the concepts related to programming with product catalog objects.

The Service Pack 2 Enhancements for Catalogs topic describes enhancements that are included in Service Pack 2.


Visual Basic referenceC++ invocationDescription
CatalogManagerCatalogManagerAllows management of catalogs across the entire Product Catalog System.
CatalogSetsCatalogSetsAllows filtering of multiple catalogs for different users and organizations.
CatalogSets2CatalogSets2Allows management of catalog sets in the Product Catalog System. Catalog sets allow for the presentation of different collections of catalogs to different users and organizations.
CatalogToVendorAssociationCatalogToVendorAssociationAllows a catalog to be associated with a particular vendor.
CategoryCategoryAllows management of a product hierarchy within a particular catalog. Also allows you to manipulate category properties and category relationships.
ProductProductAllows manipulation of the relationships between a product variant and a product category. Also allows you to set the properties on a product.
ProductCatalogProductCatalogAllows creation, deletion, and modification of catalog data.


Code to Activate or Deactivate a ProductDescribes how to make a product visible or invisible to customers.
Code to Browse a CatalogDescribes how to implement catalog browsing functionality.
Code to Change How a Category is DisplayedDescribes how to change the DisplayName property associated with a category.
Code to Find the Available CatalogsDescribes how to create a list of all catalog names.
Code to Hide Searchable CategoriesDescribes how to hide search categories from users.
Code to Perform a Search of a CatalogDescribes how to perform a catalog search.
Code to Join an External Table to Product RecordsetsDescribes how to join a table or view of data to the product recordsets returned by methods in the Product Catalog System.
Code to Perform a Specification Search of a CatalogDescribes how to perform a specification search.
Code to Stage Products and Catalogs by TimeDescribes how to set a time at which a catalog or product will be available to users.
Code to Use Caching with a CatalogDescribes how to implement caching with a catalog.

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