Working with Pipelines

Commerce Server 2000

A Commerce Server 2000 pipeline is a software infrastructure that links one or more components and runs them in sequence. Commerce Server 2000 uses this infrastructure to implement three pipeline models: the Order Processing pipeline (OPP), the Direct Mailer pipeline, and the Content Selection pipeline.

This section contains:

  • Pipeline Basics. Describes the basic features of Commerce Server 2000 pipelines.

  • Pipeline Editor. Explains how to use the Pipeline Editor to create pipelines from templates, modify existing pipelines by changing properties, and how to create custom pipelines.

  • Order Processing Pipeline. Describes the various types of Commerce Server 2000 Order Processing pipelines and enhancements to those pipelines, and provides a reference to the stages and components in Order Processing pipelines.

  • Direct Mailer Pipeline. Describes the stages and components used in the Direct Mailer pipeline.

  • Content Selection Pipelines. Describes the stages and components used in the Content Selection pipeline that are used for selecting ads, determining discounts, and adding personalization to pages.

  • Pooled Pipelines. Explains how to use pooled pipelines.

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