CatalogSearchOptions.PropertiesToReturn Property (BCL)

Commerce Server 2002

The PropertiesToReturn property is a string that gets or sets property names that should be returned in a query result set.


[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Property PropertiesToReturn As System.String
public System.String PropertiesToReturn {get; set;} 

Property Value

A String object containing a comma-delimited list of property names.


The default value is null, indicating to return all properties.


Use the following code to return a column named UnitPrice that can be bound to a control. The UnitPrice column contains the price per unit of the product, calculated by dividing the cy_list_price by the number of units. If Units is set to zero, the UnitPrice is the same as the cy_list_price. This sample assumes that you have a user-defined property named Units that stores the number of units that are sold for the given cy_list_price price.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Dim searchOptions As New CatalogSearchOptions()
searchOptions.PropertiesToReturn = "(cy_list_price/isnull(nullif(Units,0),1))UnitPrice, PID" 
DataSet ds = cat.GetProducts(searchOptions)
CatalogSearchOptions searchOptions = new CatalogSearchOptions();
searchOptions.PropertiesToReturn = "(cy_list_price/isnull(nullif(Units,0),1))UnitPrice, PID";  
DataSet ds = cat.GetProducts(searchOptions);


Namespace: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.Catalog

Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003

Assembly: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.dll

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All rights reserved.