GlobalConfig Class (PIA)

Commerce Server 2002

Use this object to accomplish the following:

  • Create or delete resource configuration information.
  • Save any updated global configuration information to the Administration database.
  • Add a site.
You can add your own custom resources to use the GlobalConfig object to access configuration settings from the Administration database.

Ee797219.note(en-US,CS.20).gif Note

  • In Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0, objects are created in the configured application pool for the site, and you can configure each application pool to run as a different user. In order for Commerce Server Config objects to work with IIS 6.0, you must add the application pool user name to COM+. By default, the default application pool runs as "Network Service", with the local user account name being SERVICE.


CreateServiceConfigCreates and writes configuration information for the specified resource to the Administration database.
CreateSiteConfigCreates a site.
DeleteServiceConfigDeletes configuration information for the specified resource.
DeleteSiteConfigDeletes the specified configuration for the site and all configurations for the associated resources.
GetIfCollectionConverts values read from the Fields property into appropriate objects such as a SimpleList object or a System.Array.
GetResourcePropAttribGets a dictionary of key/value pairs that denote the attributes of the specified property of the specified resource.
InitializeLoads the global configuration data from the Administration database.
MakeArrayFromSimpleListConverts the specified SimpleList object into a System.Array.
MakeArrayFromStringConverts values read from the Fields property into a System.Array.
MakeSimpleListFromArrayConverts a System.Array into a SimpleList object.
MakeStringFromArrayConverts a System.Array into an encoded string, which can be written to the Fields property.
MakeStringFromSimpleListConverts a SimpleList object into an encoded string, which can be written to the Fields property.
SaveConfigSaves the global configuration settings to the Administration database.
SitesReturns a list of all of the sites available in the administration data store.


FieldsADODB26Lib.FieldsReturns group-level configuration data.

This property is read-only.


Namespace: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Interop.Configuration

Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003

Assembly: cs_mscscfg (in cs_mscscfg.dll)

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