XML Elements

Commerce Server 2002

The following table describes some of the elements used in the Commerce Server 2002 order form:

Payment MethodThe supported payment method. For example, credit card or check.
PayloadIDThis element is similar to an “uber” transmission ID. A transmission can have multiple messages in it. All messages in a transmission do not have to belong to the same class. An example is a transmission that has a PO, a change PO, a remittance advice, etc. The PayloadID would be unique for the source trading partner.

An example of a PayloadID is Interchange Control Number used in transmission of EDI messages. In simplistic deployments the PayloadID and OrderID could be same.

Billing_Address_IDThe address dictionary key for the billing address. For information about the address dictionary key see the Addresses element.
Order IDThe order reference ID of the sender.
Order DateThe order date of the sender or the buyer.
Billing_CurrencyThe billing currency code. For example, USD, YEN, or CSD.
From/IdentityThe trading partner identification. For example, the trading partner number.
From/Organization NameThe trading partner organization name.
From/SharedSecretThe secret shared with the trading partner (second password).
To/IdentityThe identification of the supplier.
To/SharedSecretThe secret shared with the supplier (second password).
Sender/IdentityThe identification of the buyer.
Sender/SharedSecretThe secret shared with the trading partner (second password).
AddressThe Addresses element can be used for both Billing address and Shipping address. AddressDictKey is the unique ID that identifies the different addresses.
Address/AddressDicKeyThe unique ID that identifies the given address.
Items/quantityThe quantity of the product.
Items/VendoridThe vendor ID (if it exists) of the product.
Items/ProductIdThe product ID of the product.

This should match with the product id in the product catalog.

Item/Product_variant_idVariant ID of the particular product. Again should match with the catalog.
Item/Product_NameThe name of the product.
Items/Product_CatalogThe name of the catalog that contains the product.
Items/Product _categoryThe category of the product.
Items/DescriptionThe description of the product .
Items/Shipping_address_idThe AddressDictKey for the shipping address.
Items/Shipping_method_idThe shipping method ID.
Items/Shipping_Method_NameThe name of the shipping method. For example, ground or next-day air.
Items/d_DateCreatedThe date the supplier order was created.
Items/cy_Lineitem_totalThe line item total.
Items/RequestedDeliveryDateThe requested delivery date of the product by the buyer.
Items/UnitOfMeasureThe unit of measure for the product. For example, pounds or grams.

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