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For Additional Troubleshooting Information

Commerce Server 2002

For additional troubleshooting information, see the following resources:

Debugging topics in Commerce Server 2002 Help
Commerce Server 2002 ReadmeMicrosoft Commerce Server 2002 Installation CD
Microsoft Commerce Server Web site
Commerce Server Solution SitesContains technical information and download versions of the Commerce Server Solutions Sites.

Troubleshooting Commerce Server Pipelines

Contains information about troubleshooting and debugging your Commerce Server Pipelines.

TechNetContains technical information and tools designed to help you plan, develop, deploy, and manage your e-commerce Web sites.

For information about Commerce Server, select Commerce Server from the Products & Technologies menu on the left side of the screen.

Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 Software Development Kit (SDK)Contains technical information for developers creating programs or intelligent Web pages that must integrate with the Commerce Server application programming interface (API). The SDK contains a guide for programmers and references to various Commerce Server and commerce technologies. It also includes samples and header files that you can use to create your own programs. The SDK is included with Commerce Server 2002.
Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 Resource KitThe Commerce Server 2000 Resource Kit contains technical information and tools designed to help you plan, develop, deploy, and manage your e-commerce Web site. It is available from Microsoft Press.
MSDN informationContains information about Commerce Server and other Microsoft® Windows Server Systems™. You may find it helpful to visit this site on a regular basis.

Click Search MSDN, and enter Commerce Server to find related documents and white papers.

Microsoft Servers siteA guide to the full range of Microsoft server products for IT professionals, developers, and Internet professionals.

NewsgroupsFor announcements and support information for this release, see the Microsoft.private.CS2002.Discussion newsgroup on the server.

To access this newsgroup, use the following user ID and password:

  • Shared user ID: privatenews\cs2002
  • Password: cs2002

For information about accessing Microsoft newsgroups, see

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