Managing the Administration Database

Commerce Server 2000

Your Commerce Server 2000 site may consist of multiple computers, however, the configuration data for the resources for all computers is stored centrally in a single SQL Server Administration database named MSCS_Admin. This database is created automatically when you first install Commerce Server. During Setup, you must specify the SQL Server computer for the Administration database.

When you install Commerce Server on additional computers, you point the computers to the Administration database during Setup. By setting up all the computers to point to this central database, you can manage all the Commerce Server computers from a central console.

Ee799518.note(en-US,CS.10).gif Note

  • A single Administration database can be used by all Commerce Server computers. Alternatively, each computer can use its own Administration database.

The following table shows the typical location of the Administration database in different environments.

Type of environmentTypical location of Administration database
Single server containing Commerce Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and all Web componentsOn the single server
One or more Web servers and one database serverOn the SQL Server computer
Multi-tier, multi-server environmentOn one of the SQL Server computers (for optimal performance, separate from the Data Warehouse)

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