About Commerce Server Databases

Commerce Server 2000

The following table lists the databases that are typically used in a Commerce Server site. Depending on the features and configuration you choose for your site, you may have additional databases, or fewer databases.

You specify the connection strings for these databases during Setup and the unpacking process. However, you can change the connection strings using Commerce Server Manager.

Database and nameDescription
Commerce Server
<site name>_commerce
Data for catalogs, campaigns, transactions, profiles, and events.
Configuration data used by Commerce Server.
Data Warehouse
<site name>_dw
Day-to-day operational data about users who visit your site: user profile data, transaction data, and click-history data. This data is imported from Web logs and other Commerce Server databases using Commerce Server Data Transformation Services (DTS) tasks.
Direct MailerData for mailing lists, messages, and events.

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